GROWSS (Greening, Outdoor space, Water, Soil & Sustainability) is one of the committees of the North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council (NLCCC). We meet every week on Tuesday mornings. If you would like to attend, please email Our work follows the strategies and goals laid out in the 2018 North Lawndale Quality of Life Plan:

We will promote greening efforts that beautify our neighborhood and also expand social and economic opportunities that encourage entrepreneurship, education, social engagement, and environmental stewardship. 

Strategy 1
Utilize our available green spaces and vacant lots to promote cohesion, develop North Lawndale as a hub for the greening industry, promote healthy living, and environmental awareness.
• Create a centralized location to provide information on gardens and parks and identify organizations to adopt and maintain existing green spaces.
• Foster the success of the North Lawndale greening industry by creating a welcoming business climate and by leveraging existing assets and the expertise of partner organizations.
• Encourage the development of larger urban agriculture enterprises on contiguous vacant parcels in high-vacancy areas.
• Continue to activate vacant lots and open spaces throughout the community by transforming them into community gardens and parks.

Strategy 2
Empower residents and organizations to create artistic, beautifully landscaped, clean, and environmentally diverse streetscapes.
• Create youth-led neighborhood litter and recycling campaigns.
• Place permanent, secure trash cans throughout the neighborhood that can double as public art.
• Plant trees throughout the neighborhood via the Oaks of North Lawndale community project to achieve Arboretum Status, which will highlight our community’s natural assets.

Strategy 3
Create and maintain welcoming, safe, and high-quality parks and recreation areas throughout the community.
• Repair, maintain, and improve the facilities at Douglas Park, Franklin Park, and other public park spaces in North Lawndale.
• Transform vacant lots into playlots and identify opportunities to create a new park space to benefit underserved areas of the community, especially where infill housing development is being prioritized.
• Improve public safety and maintenance of Independence and Douglas Boulevards.

We will measure our success by:
1. Percent of vacant lots transformed into active community spaces or open green space
2. Number of trash cans, street lights, trees, and planters added to the community
3. Two annual environmental stewardship events
4. Number of community participants engaged in environmental programming

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